Brian Potter

Using eBay search operators

Quick tip for using the eBay finding API: eBay searches support many of the operators search engines like google use. For exact phrase, use quotes: ie: "Red Wing Heritage". To exclude a term, use minus: ie: -loafers. To use or, use parentheses, ie: (lands end,j crew) will find anything with land's end or j crew in the title.

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April 06, 2016

Using the eBay finding API with javascript and jquery

An Introduction

Ebay opens up a lot of it's functionality for use by web applications, such as my site Haberdashboard. It does this via three separate APIs - the finding API, the trading API, and the shopping API. The Trading API handles things like logging into your eBay account, bidding on auctions, and adding or changing listings. The Finding API . . .

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August 06, 2014